Hello world!

So daryl why dont you start a blog?…..Cos I aint got shit to say and anyone who has nothing better to do then read the demented rantings of an old brain fried loser should have their genitals dipped in honey and be staked down naked on a giant termite mound in Zimbabwea. That said let me state some opinions and see who I can piss off. At this point in time our congressional leaders are egomaniacal cretins with the morals of a rabid wildebeast and the I.Q. of my penis girth. Marijuana should be legal, assault weapons illegal, and will someone please shut Rush Limbaugh the hell up? I mean bigotry and hatred might be great fun to some beer swilling sister raping asshole in Armidilloscrack Texas but to the rest of us it’s just annoying. And does anyone have any LSD 25 left from the early 70’s,,, cos i would dearly love to dump it in the water supply at the next young republicans meeting so they can finally see some color in the world instead of just black and white. Oh and tell these white boys who still think its kool to show 5 inches of  their poop stained underwear to everyone to pull their damn pants up. Smile at a stranger and be kind to someone who doesn’t deserve it…..love and kisses daryl

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