Lifes a beyotch


     And when the man of great wealth came to the Hall of the Stereophonic Light, he fell weakly to his knees and cried pitifully to the High Council. ” Lords, you must spare me, for I have labored endlessly my entire life. My beautiful young wife is the envy of all and my two wonderful children grow more famous and influential with each passing moon. But far and above all else I am extremly rich and powerful and through my skillful craft and cunning can secure a personal Heaven for each and every one of you.”

    ” Friend fat and powerful,” came the reply. “You have indeed acquired much in your pseudo happy state of reality. But when you beg for the key to the final door it is not the materialistic garbage you own that you are judged by, but rather by how many innocent lives you destroyed on your journey.”

     And the gates of Hell burst open and the wealthy mans existence was extinguished like pissing on a match…………..


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