my friend Poot


Poot…. “I wanna live in a storage unit”…me: why?…poot: cos if a cute lady wants to hook up with me and says where do you live?…I can say…”Stow and Go!! rent and nice appliances”

I have a friend named Poot. He gave me a list titeled “Poots list on how to be a moron”….here is the first installment:

1…Buy a condom that’s small and ask them if they have one in triple small. 2…Go and talk to a car dealer and ask if he will accept food stamps for the BMW. 3…Go into a public restroom and shit in the urinal. 4…Go into public and mess your pants….4a….mess your pants in public. 5….If a hot female wants a one night stand with you, tell her you can’t stand all night but you can do 2 hour intervals with a 15 minute break in between. 6…Get a good sized loan from the mafia and come back to them and offer them monopoly money. 7… if you are in an elevator surrounded by high society….let a silent one loose and scream which one of you all did that?….there are more but but to many moronisms at once might be dangerous.


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