Body Language


ImageArm swing_ unconscious wish to walk away

Crossed arms_ defensiveness or boredom

Eyebrow lowered_ disagreement doubt uncertainty

Eyebrow raised_ disbelief surprise exasperation

One long eyebrow_ deevolutionary neanderthal fucktard

Raising a finger_ polite way of interrupting

Raising middle finger_ polite way of saying go fuck yourself

Averting eyes_ uncomfortable or guilty

Poking out eyes_ you are one butt ugly motherfucker

Hands on hips “akimbo”_ body is prepared to take steps to perform take charge

Hands on hips “give em a push” _you’ll be surprised you’re doing the french mistake

Hands behind head_ conflict disagreement anger frustration

Hands around an others throat_ final conflict

Head tilt sideways_ flirting friendly

Head tilt sideways arm holding invisible rope_ would rather die then listen to another second of your mindless trivial bullshit

Covering the mouth (talking through hands)_ uncertainty lack of knowledge or a vain attempt at keeping your coworkers from knowing about the penis you had for lunch

Eyes bulging tongue protruding head twisting violently_  electrodes attached from car battery to testicles


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